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Glanz story

The trademark "Glanz" was founded in 2013 by "Van-Charter" LLC. The company is engaged in the production of specialized autochemistry, auto cosmetics, car air fresheners

Since the day of its foundation, the company has been conducting laboratory work on the processing and classification of materials, due to which it represents high-quality products. The organization, from year to year, develops production methods and technologies that it has created and extends its production volumes. Glanz company managed to create products that meet international criteria, which in its quality and appearance is not inferior to competitors. Today the company is the only one in the region that produces universal sprays and hanging air fresheners for residential apartments, offices, cars. And also has an unprecedented offer – carries out individual orders for hanging air fresheners according to the image chosen by the customer and the smell, which gives a competitive advantage. One of the main principles of Glanz brand is to produce goods that are not dangerous to health. Since 2016, GLANZ brand store with all its products has been presented to Armenian consumer. Taking as a basis the best European experience and technology, the company in 2017 decided to expand its activities and undertake the production of household chemicals.